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Hello & welcome to my tiny pub's website and find my facebook ad designs...! I bought The Idle Hour (formerly The Manor Arms) on my birthday, October 23rd 2001 : It was dark, dingy & very uninviting. A month later it opened for business as it is today : Light, cosy, relaxed & comfortable....I have a frequently changing menu of completely home-prepared recipies : I use mainly organic ingredients, not to ride the crest of an increasingly fashionable wave, but because I have always eaten this way & consequently I enjoy amazingly good health (particularly for someone who burns the candle anywhere it can be burned...

My Wine List is all-organic too : If you had any idea what they put in 'regular' wines you would never drink them again! The other big advantage of organic wine is... no hangover!!!

Happy Hour is totally unique & runs from 5pm until 8pm every day including weekends. Click on the link to find out how it works....I also have an extraordinary range of spirits from around the world & do any number of cocktails. Watch yourselves, though : Some are up to 180% proof (really...!!!).

Sunday lunches are becoming a bit of a legend in the area. I do either a whole roast organic leg of lamb or a whole Label Anglais roast chicken(hardcore foodies will know the difference). They come out in a roasting pan surrounded with vegetables & you carve them yourselves : Just as you would at home but without the hassle of washing up...!!!

I look forward to meeting you soon,